Joint & Muscle Therapy Cream with Arnica and MSM


Reduce stiffness and aches with Dr. Berg Joint & Muscle Therapy Cream. This nourishing topical formula rapidly absorbs into your skin to provide fast relief. Use Therapy Cream after exercise to support recovery, at night to promote full-body relaxation, or in the morning to start the day with rejuvenated joints and muscles.




Dr. Berg Joint & Muscle Therapy Cream is an all-natural topical formula that absorbs deep into muscle and joint tissues to help reduce inflammation and oxidative stress. It’s made with natural ingredients that support healthy joints and muscles, including arnica, MSM, aloe, and St. John’s wort. Unlike capsules and tablets that need hours to circulate in your bloodstream, Therapy Cream rapidly absorbs into your skin to provide instant joint and muscle relief. Dr. Berg Joint & Muscle Therapy Cream is packed with high-quality ingredients for workout recovery, full-body relaxation, skin nourishment, and long-lasting pain relief.


Aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice*, vegetable glycerin, polyacrylamide and C13-14 isoparaffin and laureth-7, menthol, Arnica montana (arnica flower) extract, methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), Cinnamomum camphora (camphor) wood oil, Hypericum perforatum (St. John's wort) extract*, Citrullus colocynthis fruit extract, Symphytum officinale (comfrey) dry root*, Acorus calamus (calamus) dry root (and) Zingiber officinale (ginger) dry root*, Eucalyptus globulus (eucalyptus) oil, Zanthoxylum clava-herculis (prickly ash) extract, Mentha piperita (peppermint) oil, Lavandula angustifolia (lavender) oil, Curcuma longa (turmeric) root extract and propanediol, Boswellia serrata (frankincense) oil, Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf oil, vitamins, Capsicum annuum fruit extract, phenoxyethanol, ethylhexylglycerin

*Organic ingredients

Store in a cool, dry place, with a lid.
Contains plant-based ingredients.
Skin allergy sufferers, test with a small amount before use.

Dr. Berg Joint & Muscle Therapy Cream is highly concentrated with natural ingredients like arnica and MSM, ideal to relieve stiff and achy joints and muscles.


Massage desired amount on affected areas such as neck, back, arms, legs, knees, etc. for fast relief from aches or stiffness. Can be reapplied as frequently as desired. Avoid use on open wounds or on face and around eyes. Discontinue use if redness or irritation occurs.

16 powerful nutrients for comprehensive muscle and joint support

  • MSM
  • Arnica
  • Aloe
  • Camphor
  • St. John’s wort
  • Comfrey
  • Calamus
  • Prickly ash
  • Turmeric curcumin
  • Capsicum
  • Peppermint
  • Lavender
  • Frankincense
  • Rosemary
  • Eucalyptus
  • Ginger

Dr. Berg Joint & Muscle Therapy Cream is right for you if…

  • You struggle with joint and muscle stiffness
  • You want to soothe aches and pains for deeper sleep
  • You need comprehensive support for workout recovery and performance
  • You want to support healthy joints and muscles with holistic ingredients
  • You experience signs of joint and muscle inflammation

Soothes achy joints and muscles

Arnica, turmeric, ginger, prickly ash, and MSM are some of nature’s best anti-inflammatories. By lowering inflammation, they help reduce muscle and joint aches. Capsicum and St. John’s wort also help block the transmission of pain, providing fast muscle and joint pain relief.

elieves muscle tension and stiffness

Arnica, eucalyptus, frankincense, and aloe contain powerful phytonutrients that help relieve tense muscles and stiff joints. Use Therapy Cream before exercise to help increase your flexibility and enhance your performance.

Boosts workout recovery

Joint & Muscle Therapy Cream quickly absorbs into your skin and nourishes muscle tissue with powerful phytonutrients that reduce inflammation and promote healing. This helps speed up muscle recovery after tough workouts.

Minimizes free radical damage

Dr. Berg Joint & Muscle Therapy Cream is loaded with natural antioxidant phytonutrients that help neutralize free radicals and reduce oxidative stress in muscle and joint tissues.

Supports relaxation and sound sleep

Camphor and turmeric have unique soothing effects on nerves that help support muscle relaxation, reduce joint aches throughout the night, and promote better sleep. Added lavender oil helps calm the mind and body.

Reduces muscle spasms and twitching

Joint & Muscle Therapy Cream contains capsicum, a powerful extract from chili peppers that helps reduce muscle spasms and twitching. Apply it directly to spasming or twitching muscles for fast relief.

Why our unique formula provides exceptional joint and muscle relief

Dr. Berg Joint & Muscle Therapy Cream is a comprehensive joint and muscle support formula that combines the power of 16 potent nutrients, including arnica and MSM. We use zero dyes, toxic parabens, or other harmful chemicals in this natural formula. Therapy Cream is highly concentrated with phytonutrient-rich ingredients for maximum results. There’s no better way to accelerate recovery and relief, and we believe you’ll be satisfied by the results. If you aren’t happy with your purchase, take advantage of our 30-day money-back guarantee.

How to use Dr. Berg Joint & Muscle Therapy Cream

This easy-to-apply Therapy Cream rapidly absorbs into your skin, providing fast and easy joint and muscle relief. Massage it into your skin around sore muscles and joints. Start with a dime-sized amount and apply more if desired. This product is not for consumption—only use Therapy Cream topically. Avoid use on open wounds or on your face and around your eyes.

Who shouldn’t use Dr. Berg Joint & Muscle Therapy Cream

Joint & Muscle Therapy Cream is generally safe for adults. In rare cases, those with sensitivities or allergies may experience skin reactions. Test with a small amount before use. Discontinue use if itching, skin irritation, or redness occurs.


  • Comprehensive joint and muscle support
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Easy to use and fast-acting
  • Highly potent formula
  • Relieves muscle tension
  • Soothes stiff and achy joints
  • Promotes relaxation and deep sleep
  • Helps reduce inflammation
  • Supports workout recovery and performance