The Healthy Keto Plan

  • The Healthy Keto Plan written by Eric Berg
  • Improved version of his bestselling book, The New Body Type Guide
  • New version to bust through any slow metabolism
  • Get your body into a super health state
  • Chapters on acupressure techniques to rid stress
  • Pleasure food recipes that are healthy
  • Forget about cravings, blood sugar, stress
  • Personal guide to customize your results based on your body type


Dr. Berg: Healthy Keto Plan

  • Discover custom advice for your body type
  • Understand every part of keto
  • Practical advice helps you lose weight and be healthy
  • Illustrations and definitions make learning easy
  • Know “why” you lose weight instead of just being told what to do

Do you feel confused after trying to put together the “weight loss puzzle” for years? The Healthy Keto Plan is Dr. Berg’s newest book. Uncover how weight loss works, what you need to be healthy, and why fat isn’t coming off your body even if you have been trying to lose weight. Includes explanations, pictures, and practical advice such as how to fight cravings. Feel more in control of your health than ever before.

Health benefits

  • Become an expert on weight-loss: Many diets are successful because patients don’t know how weight loss works. This makes it easier to make simple mistakes, and feel frustrated when you think you are following the guidelines, but aren’t seeing success. The Healthy Keto Plan teaches you every part of a successful keto diet.
  • Flip your body’s fat-burning switch: Just eating less may not always make you healthier. This is especially true if your body needs a full switch after years of unhealthy eating. You will understand what foods naturally switch your body into “fat-burning” mode.
  • Advice tailored to you: Everyone is different, so a one-size-fits-all approach to being healthy rarely works. Dr. Berg will introduce you to the four main body types. You will identify yours and get specific advice for your body.
  • Cravings, snacks, and other advice: The Healthy Keto Plan is far from a theoretical book on weight loss science. Chapters are dedicated to giving you real tips and tricks you can use. These include information on how to fight cravings, why you don’t feel satisfied after meals, and recommending healthy pleasure foods that keep you happy.
  • Illustrations and simple explanations: After focusing on keto for decades and educating thousands of health professionals, Dr. Berg knows how to make anyone understand keto. Helpful illustrations, clear definitions, and many different pictures make becoming an expert on health even easier.

Do you know how fat loss works?

Most people just don’t know their body very well. This isn’t your fault, nutritional science has advanced tremendously in the past years. But it still isn’t taught in most schools

If you want to lose weight and be healthy, just doing what you are told may not always work.

A typical example of this is if you are away from home and are not sure if a meal fits your diet or not. Is a certain food at work or a family gathering healthy, or can it reset days of dieting?

Little mistakes like these explain why people can try so hard to diet, but don’t always get the results they need.

Actually understanding why your body loses and gains weight, what foods put you in weight-loss mode, and what your specific body type is all support your new healthy lifestyle.

Don’t worry, this isn’t complicated to learn. Any words or concepts you need to understand are explained as clearly as in Dr. Berg’s online videos.